Susan Krebs — Press

"What Am I Here For?" is Krebsī, the self-proclaimed "Jazz Gardenerīs", second recording... Krebs is on a quest for spirituality and expresses her search through her music (for example, the lyrics for "What Am I Here For?" take on a deeper meaning.) Krebs manages to add her own style, particularly encouraged by the collaborative nature of the entire project... these performances are meaningful. ... As she has her way with each lyric, her slippery phrasing (check out "Out Of This World") creates an engaging, rather than distracting, presence. Further, there is a deep soulful emotionalism and Blues inflection that suits her alto range quite well. For example, Krebs is at her most distinctive on passionate, melancholy tracks like "Nature Boy" and "Good Morning Heartache". She also demonstrates her keen handling of lyrics on tracks like the ubiquitous "The Way You Look Tonight".

Another key to the success of this album is the quality of musicianship throughout. They support Krebs at every turn, adding important contributions but never outshining her presence. Saxophonist Gary Fosterīs satiny, Getz-inspired mellow tenor ("What Am I Here For?" and "The Way You Look Tonight") is particularly noteworthy, while pianist Eames contributes several tuneful solos, particularly on the Latinized "Water Under The Bridge"... "What Am I Here For?" is a consistent program with quality performances by all involved."

- Jay Collins / CADENCE