Susan Krebs — Press

Jazz Gardener
(Sea Breeze Jazz 1999)

Given the wide diversity of music, arrangements, and vocal styles represented on her maiden album, Susan Krebsī "jazz garden" must be bursting with a plethora of blossoms. Although thereīs a touch of the blues in virtually everything she touches, Jazz Gardener sings the blues most notably on "Compost Blues" and "The Blues Are Brewinī". There are also ballads, like Irving Berlinīs "Whatīll I Do?" in a very soulful, somber mood, which Gary Fosterīs doleful soprano saxophone helps to create and maintain.

Contemporary pop music is represented by Kenny Rankinīs "In The Name of Love", while smooth, jazzy sounds are found in "You Donīt Know What Love Is". "Donīt Fence Me In" is a pop blast from the past, and "Cockeyed Optimist", from the Broadway musical "South Pacific", starts off in a melancholy atmosphere before seguing into a bossa nova. Krebs can also swing, as seen on "My Foolish Heart" with Jerry Kalafīs brushes whisking the melody along.

Categorizing Krebsī voice is not easy... it is filled with emotion ranging from a deep, throaty hue to a girlish, higher-pitched tone... "Skylark", more than any of the other cuts, demonstrates her vocal gymnastics and her emotional intensity. After she delivers a song, Krebs leaves nothing on the table...

- Dave Nathan / All Music Guide